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I'm subscribed to your RSS, and have really been enjoying the hanami posts lately! Thanks for sharing, they're so lovely.

Mari L'Esperance

STUNNING! Thank you...


So beautiful! Was this near Nakameguro? The blossoms & photos are lovely, and making me very Tokyo-sick.

neko hime

Sugoku kireidatta... :)


Gorgeous. Love the "It's beautiful" lantern and the photo right above it...


Love your night sight pictures.. Did you use a tripod ?


Thanks for the comments!

Suzy, we started at Nakameguro, then walked along the river to Ikejiri Ohashi, turned around and walked past Nakameguro again and then all the way to Meguro! So we saw pretty much the whole thing and although it was pretty the whole way, the blossoms were at their heaviest concentration near Nakameguro.

Aspasia, it made me wonder who wrote that. I wish I had handwriting like that!

Zee, I did indeed bring a tripod, but as I shared with my friend some of these pictures were taken with my camera steadied on a railing).

Andrea Montero

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. Cherry blossoms bloomed a couple of weeks ago here in the US as well. Washington DC looked stunning thanks to the generous gift of the Japanese!


Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Are you a professional photographer?

I'm a Canadian living in Hokkaido and like you fell in love with Japan, its food and people. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

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